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Picture this! Snapshots of Cincinnati USA

Photo Challenge: Freeze frame! We challenged our contributors to take and share photos that show off the Cincinnati USA region while representing five different words: Water, Happy, Colorful, Energy and History.

Day 1 – Water

Necklace available at Mica 12v

I get more compliments on this necklace than anything else.  People always say, "Is that the Ohio river? Oh wait! That's Cincinnati!"  This happens wherever I travel.  The Cincinnati necklace is available at Mica 12v in Over-the-Rhine and is produced by aminimal. $35.

Day 2 – Happy

Lala's Cupcakes

I don't think anything can make you happier than a cupcake (or a puppy, I guess, but cupcakes do a good job).  Lala's cupcakes, out of a tiny storefront on Main Street, are available in both full size or a tiny size and are the perfect dose of happy in your day. The orange one in particular will brighten anybody's day.

Day 3 – Colorful

La Poste restaurant

La Poste is one of the most colorful restaurants around - not because it's brightly painted, but because of the local art and beautiful food. Pictured is a delicious bruleed grapefruit from one of the best brunches in town.  

Day 4 – Energy

1215 Coffee and Wine Lab

When I get a mid-day slump, I head over to 1215 Coffee and Wine Lab for a maple latte, almond milk, please.  They always have the most beautiful latte art!

Day 5 – History

Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

One of my favorite places in Cincinnati is Union Terminal.  Not only does it host the Cincinnati History Museum (with a really cool miniature Cincinnati!), but it's historic itself.  The building is still a working train station but was a huge hub and is a national historic landmark.  And it was the inspiration for the Hall of Justice (for all of you comic fans out there).

Julie Niesen Gosdin

Julie Niesen Gosdin |

Julie Niesen Gosdin writes Wine Me, Dine Me, Cincinnati’s top food, restaurant and lifestyle blog.

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